Small Talk about PCBA Soldering Issues and Improve Rework Process.

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EMS factory continually face the need to rework and repair the PCBA.Many issues comes,such as insufficient solder,or excessive solder,or missing component on the board,or other issues.With continues trend toward miniaturization in the electronics industry,the component size will be placed and assembled onto board with finer pitch and space.Thus it will increase the rework and repair of such boards.  


However,touching the board should be avoided,it will increase damage risk of your boards.The board will be less reliable after a rework cycle.The more you rework,the more touches on the board.The reliability will be less.


If there is a need to rework the PCBA,it is a must to choose skilled and experienced smt operatord and technicians to do the rework.


In order to get the yield of 100%,we should improve rework process.Advanced assembly technology,from the solder paste print process,SPI,componnets assembling,to reflow and wave soldering and AOI-will enhance the efficiency and accuracy in SMT technology process.

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