The development of SMT patch processing has brought an innovation to the entire electronics industry. Especially in the current environment. People pursue the miniaturization of electronic products. The perforated plug-in components used in the past can not be reduced to result in the large size of the entire electronic product. But nowaday, SMT patch processing brings us a new innovation. Here have some problems should be paid attention to in the processing of SMT patch:

1. Joint Standard for the Development of Electrostatic discharge Control Program. According to the historical experience of certain military organizations and business organizations, it provides guidance for the treatment and protection of ESD during sensitive periods.

2. Semi-hydrated cleaning manual after welding. Includes all aspects of semi-aqueous cleaning, including chemical, production residues, equipment, processes, process control, and environmental and safety considerations.

3. Through Hole Solder Joint Evaluation Desk Reference Manual. Detailed descriptions of the components, the wall of the hole, and the coverage of the soldering surface are provided in accordance with the standard requirements, as well as computer generated 3D graphics. Covers tin filling, contact angle, tin dip, vertical filling, pad covering, and numerous weld joint defects.

4. Template Design Guide. Provides guidelines for the design and manufacture of solder paste and surface mount binder coated templates I also discusses the design of templates for the application of surface mount technology, and introduces mixing techniques, including overprinting, with through holes or inverted wafer components, double print and stage template design.

5. Manual for cleaning after welding. Describe the types and properties of manufacturing residues, water cleaners, the process of water cleaning, equipment and processes, quality control, environmental control and employee safety, and the cost of determining and determining cleanliness.

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