With the electronic products developing to light, thin, small, high-density, multi-functional, power consumption is growing significantly, and the requirements of electronic products are also higher and higher (high reliability, rapid thermal diffusion, less energy consumption, mechanical strength, easy maintenance,etc), the heat dissipation requirement of PCB substrate is more and more urgent.

If the heat dissipation of substrate is not good, the generally increased temperature makes thermal conductivity slower, which will lead to the components of PCB overheating, PCB components overheating often lead to component burn-in, failure, shorten life. Thus to reducing the reliability of the whole machine. So with the development of the technical, the problem of heat dissipation has come to a head.

Thanks! The metal substrate appearing, as a special Printed circuit boards, with excellent thermal conductive performance, more and more widely used in electronics, automobiles, motorcycles, power supplies telecommunications, audio and other products, has become an irreplaceable product.

Due to the strong demand for saving energy, the light-emitting diode(LED) market is growing rapidly and the requirements for high frequency, high speed signal on material, believing that the future market for MCPCB will growing rapidly!

And Kingford here with 18 years PCB&PCB Assembly services can provides you high quality MCPCB ( aluminum, copper base and 1500mm long,etc), your good choice!

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