With the rapid development of electronic products, the price war has changed the structure of supply chain. China has become the most important PCB manufacturing base in the world because of its industrial distribution, cost and market advantages. 

The output value of China’s printed circuit board industry has maintained the position of first in the world since 2006, and has become the main driving force to promote the development of the global pcb industry. In 2010, the output value of pcb in China reached 18.5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 36.3% of the global pcb industry’s total output value. From 2006 to 2010, Compound Annual Growth Rate of China’s  printed circuit board output value reached 9.6 percent, much higher than the global 2.5 percent level. In 2011, the Chinese printed circuit board industry continued to develop vigorously, with annual output value reaching $22 billion, accounting for about 40 percent of global pcb output. Since 2012, the domestic printed circuit board industry has been further boosted by the launch of products such as ultrabook, tablets and smart phones by more manufacturers in the market. 

Relevant data show that in 2012, the global printed circuit board output value was USD 54.31 billion, and China’s printed circuit board production value was approximately USD 21.636 billion, accounting for approximately 39.8% of the world’s total. In 2013, China’s pcb industry will resume growth after undergoing adjustments in 2012. Technologies, management enhancements, and new expansion capacity will promote the continued development of China’s pcb industry and further increase its share and influence in the international market.

At present, China’s pcb industry is also in the adjustment period. Mainland China has a large number of product categories. In the field of smart products, such as hdi, high-end fpc, and specialty boards have developed relatively steadily; low-end consumer electronics and computer-based pcb manufacturers have low profits due to reduced demand. In addition, the level of corporate management, market capacity, cost control, capital security, and financing channels have become even more more obvious in the fierce competition.

The market research report of China printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry released by Shangpu Consulting shows that China’s  printed circuit board industry will enter a period of rapid growth under the situation of the growth of domestic sales and the continuous transfer of global production capacity. The rise of all kinds of electronic products and led in our country has a strong role in promoting the development of pcb industry. In the next five years, China’s printed circuit board industry will still maintain a rapid growth.

From the perspective of product output development trends, the growth rate of output will slow down,mainly due to the fact that traditional low-end product output demand will remain at a certain number, and electronic products such as computers and traditional offices will gradually be replaced by smaller and more powerful high-end smart products. The HDI PCB, especially alivh(anylayerinnerviahole) HDI PCB, IC Substrate, multi-layer fpc boards and Rigid-Flex Board will be the main force for development.

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