The Development Trend Of PCB Technology

With the rapid development of electronic technology, only in recognition of the development trend of PCB technology, and positively develop innovative production technology, PCB manufacturers in the highly competitive PCB industry can find a way out. PCB manufacturers should always maintain the development of awareness, the following is several views of the development of PCB production and processing technology. 
(1)Embeded Components Technology- Component embedding technology is a huge change in PCB functional integrated circuits, PCB manufacturers need to to increase investment in resources in systems which includes the design, equipment, testing and simulation aspect to increase investment in resources to maintain a strong vitality.

(2)High-Density Interconnect Technology (HDI)- HDI embodies the contemporary advanced PCB technologies that bring finely-wired and miniaturized for PCBs and high density electronic equipment, high performance.

(3)International standards developemnt of PCB materials-High requirement of masterial, high heat resistance, high glass transition temperature (Tg), thermal expansion coefficient, the smalldielectric constant.

(4)Photovoltaic PCB-It uses the optical circuit layer and circuit layer for signal transmission, the key of this new technology is the manufacture of optical layer (optical waveguide layer). At present, the technology has been industrialized in Japan and the United States.

(5)the introduction of advanced equipment-Constantly introduce advanced production services, updates circuit board making process to meet the market’s needs.

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