The testing phase of PCB manufacturing is one of the most important stages. Without testing your PCBs, there may be errors and problems that have been overlooked during the production stage. These problems may eventually cause failures and defects in the field. In order to reduce the chance of failure and maintain customer satisfaction, it’s important that testing procedures are implemented to ensure that the printed circuit board and the components are fully functioning. Having testing procedures throughout the production phase allows you to identify errors and issues earlier on, rather than at the final testing phase.

PCB design and manufacture companies often have careful yet thorough testing procedures to ensure that the final printed circuit board is of the highest quality.

First thing you have to do when you choose the manufacturer or the assembler of your PCBs is to inquire about their testing procedures for quality assurance. This is mostly because PCB testing is crucial in determining the quality, functionality, and performance of a printed circuit board.

Generally, PCB testing includes high-voltage E-test, X-ray gold thickness test, back lighting test, automatic optical inspection, copper thickness test, photo electricity balance test, etc.

To guarantee that PCBs runs properly without faults and malfunctions, professional PCB manufacturers and assemblers test all components of the product from the ground up. This way you, are guaranteed to get products without any flaws. This, in turn, will keep you from incurring any losses because the products will be up to the standards of the required quality, consistency, and performance.

With our PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service, we promise you high quality products that undergo all tests mentioned above. To place your order right now, contact us and get an instant quote.

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