The influence of LED lamp beads on the quality of LED display

///The influence of LED lamp beads on the quality of LED display

For full-color LED display, LED lamp beads as the most critical component, the quality of LED lamp beads plays a very important role in determining the quality of LED display. First, the number of LED lamp beads used in the entire full-color LED display screen is the largest. There may be thousands or even tens of thousands of LED lamp beads per square meter. Finally, the LED lamp beads directly determine the performance,the saturation and sharpness of color of the full-color LED display.

The main indicators of LED lamp beads quality are:

(1) Full-color LED display brightness

The brightness of the LED lamp beads determines the brightness of the full-color LED display. The higher the brightness of the LED lamp beads, the greater the remaining amount of current used, which is beneficial for saving power consumption and maintaining the stability of the LED lamp beads. The LED lamp beads have different angle values. In the case where the chip brightness is fixed, the smaller the angle is, the brighter the LED is, but the smaller the viewing angle of the display screen is. Generally should choose 100 degrees -110 degrees of LED lamp beads to ensure full-color LED display enough perspective.

(2)Full-color LED display failure rate

The LED display consists of 10,000 or even hundreds of thousands of red, green, and blue LED lamp beads.  The lamp’s failure rate will not be higher than one ten-thousandth if it is 72 hours old.

(3)Full-color LED display attenuation characteristics

LED lamp beads slowly decay with the use of time. LED lamp brightness decay speed has a certain degree of correlation and LED chip, auxiliary materials, packaging process. In general, after 1000 hours and 20 mA normal temperature lighting test, the attenuation of red LED lamp beads should be less than 7%, and the attenuation of blue and green LED lamp beads should be less than 10%. The consistency of red, green and blue attenuation will have a great influence in the white balance of the full-color LED display in the future, which will finally affect the display fidelity of the display.

(4)LED display anti-static ability

Since the LED lamp beads are semiconductor devices, they are sensitive to static electricity and can easily cause static electricity failure. Therefore, the anti-static ability is very important for the life of the LED display. In general, the LED lamp beads of the human body electrostatic model test, failure voltage should not be less than 2000V.

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