The usage and maintenance method of SMT stencil

///The usage and maintenance method of SMT stencil

In the SMT chip reflow soldering, SMT steel mesh is an indispensable tool, the user in addition to concern about the use of steel, but also concerned about the service life of stencil. Today, let us introduce the usage and maintenance method of SMT stencil, which can effectively extend the service life of steel.

1. It should be handled carefully and avoid collision.

2. Keep the SMT stencil cleaning
1). Before use should be cleaned (wipe) stencil to remove the dirt carried during transport, to avoid affecting the use effect.
2). The stencil should be promptly cleaned after use, and back packing, then upright on a dedicated shelf. Note that between the plate and the plate should be isolated from each other (available film), do no stacking and mutual contact.

3. Proper use of SMT stencils
1). Paste and red plastic need mixing, to avoid plugging the steel mesh.
2). The printing pressure is adjusted to the best, with a scraper just scraping off the solder paste on the steel (red plastic) the best pressure.
3). After scraper finishing the path, it will be better to stop 2 or 3 seconds and then stripping, and demoulding speed should not be too fast.

4. Control the usage count of SMT stencil
Generally, the usage count of SMT stencil can up to 100,000 times. Prohibited net steel overuse, over the service life of steel should be scrapped, and need to adopt an effective method of monitoring.

SMT stencil will be easily to damage if it without usage count and maintained. It will affect the precision and welding effect of the stencil. So, it is necessary to standardize the operation and maintain the work.

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