The whole industrial chain of PCB will change dramatically

///The whole industrial chain of PCB will change dramatically

PCB (printed circuit board) is divided into rigid board, flexible board, IC package substrate. The PCB industry may will embrace revolutionary innovation ; the whole industry chain will have a huge change.

Local shift trend is established

Prismark research shows that in 2016, China’s PCB output value was 27.104 billion US dollars, making it the only region in the world to achieve growth. Its global share has risen from 8% in 2000 to 50% in each year, which is expected to gradually increase with the gradual transfer of production capacity to the domestic market.

Multiple applications drive industry development

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) as the fastest growth in the PCB sub-industry, the development trend of the FPC is optimism. It is estimated that by 2017, the global PCB output value will reach 65.7 billion US dollars, FPC will be 15.7 billion US dollars output value, accounting for 23.9%.

The main China’s production is low-end flexible printed circuit boards ,and the high-precision FPC and rigid-flex board production is still in its infancy. Along with the innovation and upgrading of smart phone technology, including wireless charging and full screen, the value of FPC will continue to increase. The number of domestic FPCs will gradually increase. The trend of higher volume and price will bring the best results for manufacturers of high value-added FPC products Development Opportunities.

In addition, automotive PCB grows steadily every year, Autonomous driving and new energy vehicles are the drivers of the twin engines.the sales volume of new energy vehicles have been rising since 2010.In the future, the demand of emerging countries will continue to rise. The market scale is expected to further expand. In addition, the penetration rate of ADAS is on the rise and the intelligentization of automotive electronics has become a general trend. The millimeter-wave radar is usually a complete set System supply, MMIC chip and antenna PCB is the millimeter-wave radar hardware core.

The domestic PCB industry chain has been more perfect, PCB industry will usher in revolutionary innovation.

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