What are the forms of pcba testing?

///What are the forms of pcba testing?

The process of pcb assembly is very complicated. And the PCBA testing is the most important part of quality control in the whole process, which determines the final performance of the product. So, what are the forms of PCBA testing? Let’ s introduce.

The PCBA test mainly includes the five forms: ICT test, FCT test, Aging test, Fatigue test, and Bad environment test.

1. Ict test mainly includes circuit switching, voltage and current values and fluctuation curves, amplitude, noise and so on.

2. The FCT test requires IC programming to simulate the function of the entire PCB and to find out the problems in the hardware and software and to equip the necessary production fixtures and test stands.

3. Aging test is mainly to make PCB boards and electronic products for a long time to power, keep its work and observe whether there is any failure. The electronic products need pass the aging test to be sold in batches.

4. The fatigue test is mainly to sample the pcba board, and perform high frequency and long time operation of function to find out problem and judge the probability of failure in the testing, to feedback the working performance of PCBA board.

5. The bad environment test is mainly to expose the pcba board in the temperature, humidity, drop, splash and vibration of the limit value to obtain the test restults of random sample. In order to infer the entire PCBA board batch product reliability.

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