When we finished to production the PCBA, we need to pack and send out via different transportation, however, it have some announcements during shipping, check below:


  1. Packing Material

PCBA is a tender and fragile product, before shipping that need to packed in bubble bags, pearl cotton, PE Bag and vacuum bags ect.

  1. Anti-electrostatic packaging

The chip of BCBA will be penetrate by static electricity, but we can not see the static electricity, can not touch it, and it very easy to come into being, so, it must be use Anti-electrostatic packaging during transportation.

  1. Moisture proof packaging

Please clearing the surface and do drying process, then spray three anti-paint.

  1. Anti-vibration package

Put the PCBA in PE Bag and stand it up, the package can not run out 2 layers, Stack up to no more than two layers, and place a stop plate in the middle to keep it stable and prevent it from shaking.