Where is the way of ceramic circuit board industry

///Where is the way of ceramic circuit board industry

The ceramic circuit board industry has long been developing for many years and has already matured. The overall market pattern has long been clear.

Compared with other PCBs, the ceramic circuit board is an alternative to the old generation of substrates, which can perfectly replace the metal substrate and the transparent substrate. Because of its characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, high insulation, and a better thermal expansion matching coefficient, it has become a favorite in high-power lighting.

How to reduce the thermal resistance of the LED ceramic substrate is one of the most important topics to improve the luminous efficiency of the LED. According to the circuit manufacturing method, it can be divided into a thick film ceramic substrate, a low temperature co-fired ceramic, and a thin film ceramic substrate.

To improve the luminous efficiency and service life of LED, solving the heat dissipation problem of LED products is one of the most important problems at the present stage. The development of the LED industry is also focused on the development of high-power, high brightness, small-size LED products, therefore, providing with its high heat dissipation, the precise size of the heat-dissipating substrate has also become a trend in the development of LED heat-dissipating substrates in the future. At present, it is the mainstream to improve the luminescence efficiency of LED by using aluminum nitride substrate and alumina substrate. Under this development trend, the accuracy of the line of the heat dissipation substrate itself is very strict, and it must have the characteristics of high heat dissipation, small size, strong metal line adhesion, etc.

At present, the largest application of ceramic circuit board is in the field of LED. On the eve of the intelligent age, ceramic circuit board should be prepared to face it.The application field of artificial intelligence chip may become the new territory of ceramic circuit board. In the environment of 2050 made in China, the PCB industry has to keep up with the pace. In the era of data being king, the ceramic circuit board must be updated and upgraded to keep up with the pace of the industrial revolution.

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